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German Spine Specialists:

Are you seeking a better disk replacement to alleviate spine pain – cervical and/or lumbar, including failed past minimally invasive spine surgery procedures AND AVOID SPINAL FUSION.

Our Team is dedicated to educating potential patients on the possibilities for better alternatives to avoid spinal fusion, avoid "temporary fix" procedures (see blog), achieve full or nearly full mobility through spinal disk replacement surgery with the newest an best disk technology available.

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain related to the spine?
  • Do you want your life back?
  • Do want to stop taking pain medication?
  • Do you want to be happier?

What are you waiting for?



Spine help now

With the advancements in the Spinal Disk Replacement Surgery, patients are now learning they can avoid spinal fusions. (One fusion tends to lead to future fusions with a domino effect). The M6is the first of these non-fusion motion preservation products intended to replicate the anatomic and biomechanical attributes of a natural intervertebral disc.

Unlike other previous ADR's (Artificial Disk Replacements) we work with Artificial Disk Replacements that do not slip or cause other trauma to musculature due to it's complete and solid design. Our patients are back to snowboarding, horseback riding, skydiving and other activities within a few months of surgery due to the advancements in medical technology providing long term capabilities for a normal functioning spine and life.

German spine surgery for pain relief

You might ask: Why would I go to Germany?

Germany leads the world in medical advancements and procedures. You could wait for a doctor to try his first surgical implant on you, or you could come to a surgeon that has already done thousands.
German Spine Specialists are leading the spinal frontier regarding advancements in artificial disk replacement and success in getting your life back.

Click HERE to learn if you are a candidate.

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Choose the Best and you will never regret it.
Choose second best and you will always wonder.


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