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Upcoming Spine Pain Intervention Seminar / Consults:

Meet with the ONZ Team & our Spine Surgeon:




VANCOUVER, BC – May 15-16

Items needed to see the doctor and his team are:
Preferred recent within the last year.

1.    MRI of Lumbar or Cervical
       (Preferred on CD/DVD.  MRI images on films will be accepted)

2.    X-Rays needed are:  A/P, Lateral, Extension & Flexion.
       (Preferred on CD/DVD, films will be also accepted)

3.    For Hip or Knee info - an MRI, or A/P & Lateral X-Rays:
(Preferred on CD/DVD, films will be also accepted)

This is an opportunity to meet the ONZ team personally and review your personal Spine Solution with your MRI & X-rays. Scheduled time slots of up to 30 minutes are available on first contact.

Contact: for appointment bookings



There are certain parameters that we do have in order for you to be a "select candidate" for ADR surgery.

Most patients know what pain is, you may have been suffering for a relatively long time. Many are trying to avoid fusions of the spine. Some just don't or didn't know there were alternatives available. You have come to the right place to learn about the alternatives and how your life can be turned around.

The initial process begins with your history and an analysis of your current condition. This is done with our downloadable PDF, attaining a CD of recent MRI's (not older than 6 months) and dynamic X-rays showing AP, Lateral, Flexion and Extension. X-rays MUST be taken standing!

For your "To Do List" Go to CONTACT US

Downloadable Patient Packet PDF – NOW!

Spine help now

Once your Patient Packet is together mail all contents via Fed-X directly to Germany


    ONZ - My Spine Solution
    Att Dr. Bierstedt / Dr. Illerhaus / Malte Petersen
    Heibeckstrasse. 30
    Datteln, Germany

  • NOTE: We will not pay to get your items out of customs! Declare only $1.00 as value of your package so it will clear customs and arrive at our door. ~ Kindly Thank you, we look forward to helping you with our case.

Find a Fed X

xpress post canada

The choice is yours above. We recommend contacting the Liaison nearest to you or most comfortable with. If you send files to Kelli for digital upload, Kelli will call you with a confirmation upon successful digital upload. Within 3-7 business days from reception in Germany of your information, you may expect a phone call with your diagnosis from our Doctors in Germany.

If you are a good candidate for ADR surgery, it is time to start planning when you can get here. Getting on the calendar for surgery can be as soon as 2 weeks, so lets take a look at your "To do List"

Everyone deserves a pain free life, once you take the initial steps to that freedom, you will wonder why you waited so long!


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