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The M6 ADR
M6 Artificial Disk Replacement):

M6 ADR, M6 Disk, Spinal Disk Replacement avoid fusion

Note: the replacement of cervical disks with the M6 ADR is the same as with lumbar
just a smaller disk. The Lumbar is used for viewing purposes due to it's
larger size - all aspects of the disk are the same, just scaled for proper fit.


The M6 ADR (M6 artificial disk) is the first of these non-fusion motion preservation products intended to replicate the anatomic and bio-mechanical attributes of a natural inter-vertebral disk. The M6 ADR is the only artificial disk that mimics a natural disk's design by incorporating an artificial nucleus and annulus into both its cervical and lumbar platforms.

Motion in All Directions
To meet the needs of our daily activities, the spine and its vertebrae must be free to move in multiple directions. Our daily activities require us to move our spine forward, backwards, side-to-side, as well as rotate. These types of movements travel in either of two directions: translational or rotational.

titanium disk replacement for the spine

The translational planes have three types or "degrees" of movements (forward/backward, side-to-side, and up/down).

The rotational axes have three degrees of movement as well (rotating, forward/backward bending, and side to side bending).

When the spine is completely free to move in all these directions, it is said to have 6 degrees of freedom (3 degrees in translation and 3 degrees in rotation).

The intervertebral disk and its structure (nucleus and annulus) provide the key components that allow each vertebrae to move freely in these 6 degrees of freedom. = M6 ADR

The M6 ADR effectively provides for the best possible option for disk replacement for most patients.

The M6 ADR is engineered and developed in the U.S. It is pending FDA approval and will not become available for a number of years in the U.S. for surgical implementation. The purpose of this site therefore is: to get patients the latest technology being performed in Europe now for a number of years, in a perfect comfortable setting with the best medical staff possible!

M6 artificial disks

The M6 ADR artificial lumbar and cervical disk implanted in clear models

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